Daniella Samper on clothing that empowers and environmental consciousness

Monday May 14

Mahya Soltani and Kiana Pirouz on unlearning and reclaiming narratives

Monday May 7

Fariha Róisín on financial transparency and the complexity of identity

Friday May 4

Luiny Rivera on taking chances and learning from mistakes

Monday April 30

Paris Sanders on speaking up and activism in the digital age

Friday April 27

Tina Vaden on creating change to experience change and making inclusivity the norm

Friday April 20

Mary Kang on empowerment through representation and the potential of love

Monday April 16

Lara Hodulick on growing community organically and mindful purchasing on a budget

Friday April 13

Beau Rhee on mindfulness in consumption and the value of personal encounters

Monday April 9

Shereen Mohammad on accepting identity and finding common ground

Monday April 2

Kia Islam on self-evolution and using social media as a space for uplift

Friday March 30

Nia Porter on the importance of listening and creating systems of support

Monday March 26

Lezi Zita on staying grounded and being committed to your purpose

Friday March 23

Sable Yong on confronting your fears and the democratization of beauty

Monday March 19

Nadya Agrawal on fostering inclusive spaces and the importance of conscientiousness

Friday March 16

Aanchal Malhotra on collecting material memories and the potential of conversation as a tool for healing

Monday March 12

Hawa Arsala on spiritual health and cultivating representation

Monday March 5

Julia-Elise Childs on self-acceptance and education as a means of racial consciousness

Friday March 2

Mina Alyeshmerni on family tradition & staying true to yourself

Monday February 26

Shahana Hanif on intersectional advocacy & decolonizing wellness

Monday February 26

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